Thursday, 20 September 2012


Check out this little interview we did with the smashing

We really must organise some kind of photoshoot that involves Tom, though. Also here's an interview with Spen rambling on about his vinyl collection!!

"22" is video of the week here (I'm not sure the video is anything to write home about)

"22" is also featured right here as a download of the day:

And again here with a load of information you probably already knew:

At this point I would just like to inform listeners/readers that we do have other songs apart from "22". Not that we're complaining, everybody seems to bloody love "22". 

In other news, the studio blew up some weeks back, hence album production has ground to a bit of a halt. This is shortly to be remedied, and WE WILL HAVE THIS FLIPPIN' ALBUM DONE BY CHRISTMAS. It will definitely feature "22".


Friday, 7 September 2012

SPACE FIGHT (a bit of it anyway) LIVE IN THE U.S.!!!


Aha! There you are.

After four months of radio silence the Space Fight name is making its return to the stage. BUT NOT IN EUROPE!!!!! Galling for the Englishmen of the band, but not for the American third and his assembled stand-ins.

Catch Space Fight's U.S. debut at Piano's, NY. Now, I know this is somewhere in New York, but being in London I am not familiar with a single brick of the Big Apple. Google it!

The London two-thirds has finally fired up its own studio (saving Spen on ridiculous airfares just to record one two second guitar part) so more music will be in the offing very soon, and we'll probably finish the album before Christmas. Optimistic. In the meantime they are making a god-awful racket in their other band, more of which later (possibly never).

SPACE FIGHT @ PIANO'S, 10pm September 12th. Dont miss it America!!

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Sunday, 20 May 2012


An era has ended. Space Fight is changing once again. Just like The Beatles and Steely Dan before us, the pressures (read: financial constraints) of touring have gotten beyond the point that we can handle.

When Bill, Tom, and myself started this band 2 and a half years ago, the goal was to gig together. It took Tom returning from Australia and me returning from the US for the three of us to finally achieve that goal. And quite frankly, we did it with five great performances, along with our new mate Dave. But more importantly, we had a fucking blast together.

Space Fight was started with the stipulation that if we didn't gel musically, at least I would have a couple lads to have a pint with when I arrived in London for the first time. Thankfully, it ended up being much more than that. But the band was also started to attempt to breathe life into some new music with a balls out sound, originality, and fearlessness. And that's what we will continue to do.

There may be a moment in the near or far future when we pick up our instruments once again and take to the stage, but too much is unknown about the future to say for certain. But fear not, Space Fight lives on!! We are at this moment continuing to write and record. We are just about finished with our debut album, and we are already working on tracks for what could be a second LP. This is not the end, this is only the beginning! Thanks for listening!

Spencer and Space Fight

Thursday, 19 April 2012


That's right kids. We're back in the U.S.S.R (well, the UK) for three weeks in May. When I say we, I mean the PROPER ORIGINAL we. Yes, Tom has given up the idea of being the new Harold Bishop and left Australia, and Spencer has decided Manhattan needs a break from him and his 'antics'. Therefore, both have descended upon London. This means rock.

Dates so far:
4th - 93 Feet East, London
5th - Trinity Bar, Harrow
6th - Colonel Fawcett, Camden Crawl, London
15th - Barfly, London
17th - Proud, London
18th - Jubilee @ Barfly, London

Hopefully there's more to come with EVEN MORE EXCITEMENT in the air too. It's all jolly fun. Come along and hear all the new stuff we've been recording on three different continents for the past year, but LIVE IN YOUR FACES. I can hear thunder outside, its an omen.

Here's a big shiny poster to prove we're not telling lies.
Much love
SF x

Friday, 3 February 2012


Things are afoot. Don't you worry about it. A little more fiddling around and we will announce what said things are.

We've been recording two new tracks throughout January (is that really how you spell throughout?), transatlantic drumming has commenced and shall be used entirely forthwith. We're really pleased with these two.

Expect news soon!