Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Oh the joy of the touring musician. A shortlived affair for us, being three dates. For the American contingent, it was a real adventure, crossing the Atlantic, driving the length of the country, then crossing the Atlantic again.

Or not, as it turned out for our dear old US guitarist Adam. The poor chap was refused entry to the UK after flying 12 hours from LA. Yet the stupid fucking border agency in this country cannot stop 150,000 illegals getting in the country every year. Bastards. This left us with an enormous dilemma - cancel, or find a replacement (Stephen had already blown it out).

With literally three hours worth of rehearsal, (because the stupid rehearsal room shut us out for an hour already) the wonderful Matt Flaherty stepped in, learned the whole set, rocked like a bastard and left. We knew the bloke for barely 72 hours, yet he goes down on the all time list of superheroes, in our opinion he's even above Batman.

We'd like to thank Ra Ra Riot for allowing us on, and Airship for lending their drums and other acoutrements. Twas a blast, which ended with Spen and I drunk as a sack blasting out Katy Lied at 4.30am in a Brighton hotel. Good times indeed.

There is a live track and a few pics available on our Facebook page, to prove we really were there.

Now, back to the album.