Friday, 7 September 2012

SPACE FIGHT (a bit of it anyway) LIVE IN THE U.S.!!!


Aha! There you are.

After four months of radio silence the Space Fight name is making its return to the stage. BUT NOT IN EUROPE!!!!! Galling for the Englishmen of the band, but not for the American third and his assembled stand-ins.

Catch Space Fight's U.S. debut at Piano's, NY. Now, I know this is somewhere in New York, but being in London I am not familiar with a single brick of the Big Apple. Google it!

The London two-thirds has finally fired up its own studio (saving Spen on ridiculous airfares just to record one two second guitar part) so more music will be in the offing very soon, and we'll probably finish the album before Christmas. Optimistic. In the meantime they are making a god-awful racket in their other band, more of which later (possibly never).

SPACE FIGHT @ PIANO'S, 10pm September 12th. Dont miss it America!!

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