Monday, 5 December 2011


B+, we think is a fair mark for the year 2011.

As 2010 drew to a close, SF looked set to be cast upon the Everest-esque shitheap of lost bands that possibly maybe might have been quite good. It seemed that that damned Atlantic Ocean was about to rip the rhythm section asunder. The guitar hole had seen more action than a crack-addled downtown hooker. So bleak, so bleak...

BUT NO! The small matter of the release of our debut EP (still available, go buy it immediately) was hurtling into view over the distant horizon. The reviews were good. Spen and I had various late-night (in London, anyway) debates about how much it would sell. Five? Easy, me and you, our mums and some random loony. Ten? Maybe, extended family, committed mates, my granny. Hell, she'll buy 3000 if I let her. Twenty? No, thats just being silly, we dont know that many people. Much to our delight, it did sell, and sold bloody handsomely if we do say so ourselves. So now what?

Save the airfare, fly back to Blighty and tour, thats what. A marvellous sojourn, almost destroyed by the gits at the UK border, who decided that poor Adam was not to be allowed in to blast England with SF glory and was promptly bundled back on the plane and out of here. The sight of me sat in the bath arguing with over-officious Heathrow immigration clerks on a mobile phone is a visual comedy opportunity sadly lost to the world.

We've been jumping some bloody high hurdles from day one in this band. This was the highest yet. Two days before a tour and we have no guitar player. Depression. Last minute ads were placed and furious thoughts of 'which guitarists do I know that I have not pissed off' rattled through our despairing brains. Fortunately, a superhero in the form of Matt Flaherty answered the call, learned our set in two days, did the tour and disappeared into the night like Spiderman himself. And on the Brighton date it was his birthday. World class.

After drinking the bar dry on the south coast, Spen was summoned back to the big fucking apple. That stupid ocean is really pissing us off. Then, out of the blue in late summer, we gain management. Then we're on radio. Suddenly, things are talked of for 2012 that we would never have dreamed of at the start of this year.

We're determined to make them all happen.

For now, enjoy our latest recording 'Strange Land', which has been given a thumbs-up by these chaps:
...and look out for one more tune before the end of the year. It's a little seasonal too.

Have a blinding Christmas/Happy holidays, we'll be back in 2012.
Much love
SF x.