Monday, 16 September 2013


After many months, many thousands of miles, many late nights in London and New York and an absolute hammering of Spen's wallet, we finally can confirm that the album is recorded, mixed, mastered, artwork delivered, and just about anything else that goes with it is completed. finished. DONE.

Picture the scene - January 2010. London. Sleet falls outside a small bedroom on a council estate. A hungover Englishman and slightly bewildered American discuss options after their guitar player leaves for Australia. The American attempts to plug in his slightly battered looking plugboard he brought with him from the US. A bang. A cloud of smoke. Darkness.

Three and a half years later, two Americans put the finishing touches to the final track and shake hands to celebrate. The Englishmen (the hungover one and the one who went to Australia for two and a half years) retire to the pub for a pint.

All Systems Wait.
The album.
Released worldwide on November 11th.

All we need is some money to tour it.