Monday, 5 December 2011


B+, we think is a fair mark for the year 2011.

As 2010 drew to a close, SF looked set to be cast upon the Everest-esque shitheap of lost bands that possibly maybe might have been quite good. It seemed that that damned Atlantic Ocean was about to rip the rhythm section asunder. The guitar hole had seen more action than a crack-addled downtown hooker. So bleak, so bleak...

BUT NO! The small matter of the release of our debut EP (still available, go buy it immediately) was hurtling into view over the distant horizon. The reviews were good. Spen and I had various late-night (in London, anyway) debates about how much it would sell. Five? Easy, me and you, our mums and some random loony. Ten? Maybe, extended family, committed mates, my granny. Hell, she'll buy 3000 if I let her. Twenty? No, thats just being silly, we dont know that many people. Much to our delight, it did sell, and sold bloody handsomely if we do say so ourselves. So now what?

Save the airfare, fly back to Blighty and tour, thats what. A marvellous sojourn, almost destroyed by the gits at the UK border, who decided that poor Adam was not to be allowed in to blast England with SF glory and was promptly bundled back on the plane and out of here. The sight of me sat in the bath arguing with over-officious Heathrow immigration clerks on a mobile phone is a visual comedy opportunity sadly lost to the world.

We've been jumping some bloody high hurdles from day one in this band. This was the highest yet. Two days before a tour and we have no guitar player. Depression. Last minute ads were placed and furious thoughts of 'which guitarists do I know that I have not pissed off' rattled through our despairing brains. Fortunately, a superhero in the form of Matt Flaherty answered the call, learned our set in two days, did the tour and disappeared into the night like Spiderman himself. And on the Brighton date it was his birthday. World class.

After drinking the bar dry on the south coast, Spen was summoned back to the big fucking apple. That stupid ocean is really pissing us off. Then, out of the blue in late summer, we gain management. Then we're on radio. Suddenly, things are talked of for 2012 that we would never have dreamed of at the start of this year.

We're determined to make them all happen.

For now, enjoy our latest recording 'Strange Land', which has been given a thumbs-up by these chaps:
...and look out for one more tune before the end of the year. It's a little seasonal too.

Have a blinding Christmas/Happy holidays, we'll be back in 2012.
Much love
SF x.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


The last couple of months have been pretty hectic in SF world. Since August we've gained a manager, been raved about on a few blogs, got in The Independent's 'what's hot' playlist and featured on many radio shows, including BBC 6 Music. All going rather well.

BUT! This is nothing compared to what will happen next year. We're making plans as we speak, and finishing off a few more tracks for the album, which we plan to get out at some point in 2012.

Another reason for this apparently pointless trumpet-blowing entry is to direct you towards our YouTube page, which we finally got round to putting up this week after many months of moaning from some Twitter followers (and the fact that when I typed 'Space Fight' into the search bar this week it suggested 'space fight 22' immediately).

Here you will find a few very hastily made vids, plus potentially the mythical official video to "22" at some point in the future.

News on next year to follow shortly.
Much love
SF x.

Friday, 7 October 2011

SF EP REVIEW (a bit late, but we don't care)

THE FOUND OF CONFUSION, the little brother of the internationally renowned Sound Of Confusion blog, have given our EP (which was out in March - go buy it) a once over this week. Here is what they said.

Much love x.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


Things have moved rather quickly in the last week, so much so that the beautiful tunes and beats of '22' have got themselves onto the @NowPlaying show on BBC6Music. Here is a link to said show:

We're on at 1hr27m. There should be more plays coming soon. x

Friday, 2 September 2011


In these troubling times, it is a glorious moment when you hear promising news. That we should be the bearers of good news is a rarity, as usually our guitar player has fucked off or gone to work on a cucumber farm in Outer Mongolia.

However, we confirm today that we are being represented forthwith by BACK TO THE FUTURE Management. Which is good for us, cos we can barely co-ordinate a rehearsal bewteen us without someone 'getting married', or 'doing the knowledge'.

This means that next year SF are going to hit the ground like one of Wile-E-Coyote's failing anvils. Except that we'll hit said ground and sprout legs that run a hell of a lot faster than the Roadrunner we were trying to kill. Oh yes. Kids under the age of 24 probably wont know what the buggery that means.

More news as it floods in to SF HQ.

Much love. x

Sunday, 31 July 2011


Yes boys and girls, we're still cracking on with stuff. A new tune should be finished this week, it will go up on Facebook and everything else no doubt. Also, in this band of me, him and an ever-changing guitarist (four in a year) we have found a lovely chap who wants to manage us, a meeting takes place this coming week. We still haven't finished the video for '22'.

Donald Fagen once said it would be 90 minutes from NY to Paris. He was a lying bastard. This is why the album is taking so long.

Other news - he's getting married, I'm getting fat.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Oh the joy of the touring musician. A shortlived affair for us, being three dates. For the American contingent, it was a real adventure, crossing the Atlantic, driving the length of the country, then crossing the Atlantic again.

Or not, as it turned out for our dear old US guitarist Adam. The poor chap was refused entry to the UK after flying 12 hours from LA. Yet the stupid fucking border agency in this country cannot stop 150,000 illegals getting in the country every year. Bastards. This left us with an enormous dilemma - cancel, or find a replacement (Stephen had already blown it out).

With literally three hours worth of rehearsal, (because the stupid rehearsal room shut us out for an hour already) the wonderful Matt Flaherty stepped in, learned the whole set, rocked like a bastard and left. We knew the bloke for barely 72 hours, yet he goes down on the all time list of superheroes, in our opinion he's even above Batman.

We'd like to thank Ra Ra Riot for allowing us on, and Airship for lending their drums and other acoutrements. Twas a blast, which ended with Spen and I drunk as a sack blasting out Katy Lied at 4.30am in a Brighton hotel. Good times indeed.

There is a live track and a few pics available on our Facebook page, to prove we really were there.

Now, back to the album.

Friday, 22 April 2011


Yes. We are dragging our Transatlantic butts off the recording studio sofa and out on the road for a few days in May. Those of you lucky enough to live in the UK will be able to see us at:

May 17: Garage, London
May 18: Ruby Lounge, Manchester
May 19: Audio, Brighton

Along with Ra Ra Riot and Airship.

Possibly one or two more shows could maybe potentially be added, we'll update as soon as we know.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Our lovely EP (which came out on Monday, in case you didnt know) is featured on a website called . Whether they think its good or bad we dont know, because a) we dont speak Spanish and b) Yahoo! Babelfish came up with this:

"We put a bandita yesterday enough upbeatted of which they put contentment. And today a mail with other arrived to us than surely it is going to them to interest. Following the same line of new wave rock average indie, means to hipster, is Space Fight, original of London and signed here with Glasstone. They hardly removed a EP, and here we left tracks them they unload so that them."

Make of that what you will. If you can give us a proper translation, we'd be ever so grateful.


This chap is on a one-man trip around the world and is currently exploring South East Asia and Australia (not unlike our first guitarist, hello Tom). Amazingly he's heard of our little EP we recorded in Tooting and Bermondsey. Happily, he liked it and used '22' as a musical interlude in his video blog. It's 4.40 in, just after 'One Foot In The Grave' by Eric Idle. Never thought I'd be happy to feature after Victor Meldrew, but we'll take anything that comes.

You can read his blog here:

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


As pointed out to us yesterday via a Twitter follower, there is a distinct lake of SF footage on the You Tube. We're making up for that with a video that might possibly maybe potentially posted up soon. In the meantime, we are here to quash rumours that this video is us in the midst of a Japanese song and dance routine.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Typing Space Fight into Twitter search

Most popular result from this entry produces these lyrics:

"Theres nothing my heart can to fight with time and space and im still stuck in the moment with you."

Which is sometimes translated as:

"Theres nothin my <3 can do, to fight with time& space coz im still stuck in the moment with u ;)"
"theres nothing my ♥ can do but fight with time & space cuz I'm still stuck in da moment with u"


This is the bit where we shamelessly blow our own trumpets in an effort to get you to part with your hard earned dollars/quids. We've added in the links to these reviews to prove that we are not complete lying bastards.


My friends often bemoan the fact that I don’t really listen to music that has lyrics or is created via the use of traditional instruments.My Friends are idiots. (Hence the reason they like or fein to like me.)

I do listen to music apart from EDM, and these guys, Space Fight, have just been added to the list. Last week I was sent a few tracks of Space Fight’s debut release on Glasstone Records.

I have to admit I was coaxed into further listening by the more electronic remixes, but ended up really liking what I had heard of the none electronic tracks. Without trying to sound to cliched they sound familiar but not in a “Heard it Before”, more in tapping your foot and trying to sing along on a first listen kind of way. I found myself trying to sing lyrics I didn’t know by just allowing phonic bursts to issue forth from my mouth. (Some of you must have done this before. Right?) It’s kind of hard not to be swept along with what I heard. It sounds upbeat but not in your face “queso style upbeat”, just upbeat. The lead singer’s voice quite nicely counterpoints this by having a bit of a melancholic tinge to it.  I haven’t heard too much of their stuff but like what I heard.

Anyway enough of what I think, check out this EP taster video and see what you thinkHere’s there Myspace where you can listen to their stuff.
Head over to Glasstone Records for a bit of a band bio. My favourite fact being the fact they also blew themselves up when they first played together.
And, if you like what you hear head over to Amazon or iTunes to pick up the EP.


Joey Godmao

review here


Hailing from London (UK) Space Fight offer up a fun blend of Alterative Rock and pop / power pop music. The music this trio delivers is interesting to say the least, and with influences ranging from The Beach Boys, U2, and The Squeeze you wouldn’t expect anything else would you.
Of the five songs on offer here (two being remixes!), Control and In To The Blind seem to be the most appealing.
These guys have the pop thing nailed down well, lots of textures to the music and some great vocal harmonies in there too.
An interesting release from a promising band, it will be interesting to see what they come up with next!

Rating 8/10

review here 


By Pascale Day

In a world full of Pixies, Gagas, Biebers and Saturdays, it’s not too shocking to think that the world of alternative pop has been neglected due to long lengths of time spent on makeup, hair swishing and picking outfits up from the butchers. Perhaps it’s time to take off the diamante-encrusted sunglasses, look around, and ask: ‘who the fuck is flying the flag for the other side of pop?’ Space Fight, that’s who. The London-based trio have taken on the forgotten, the edgier, the indie-er and the downright dirty side of pop. Yes, it’s a hard genre to conquer, but they have attempted it with vigour and enthusiasm, and the outcome on this self-titled EP is not half bad.
There’s something very humble about a home-grown EP like this; produced by lead vocalist Spencer Miles in his London home on a modest budget of just £43, it goes to show you don’t need wads of cash to make something worthy of attention. Born in just 2010, it is easy to tell this is the sound of a new band; at times the vocals come across a little sloppy and the songs very much stick to a specific formula, but the final product is in no way tedious. There’s something captivating about listening to a new band as they try to discover their sound and Space Fight are obviously having fun whilst doing it. Their songs are energetic, excitable and geared up for gigging with rhythmic oohs and aahs that begs for crowd participation.

Miles’ voice is reminiscent of indie rockers from his side of the pond, Minus the Bear, circa 2007’s ‘Highly Refined Pirates’, whilst Billy Hawkes and Stephen Barlow create an arithmetic of high energy hooks and beats that transport us straight back to the pop-punk spirit of 1980s Police. Despite the fusion of genres, the EP doesn’t contain much diversity in sound; the first three songs could easily be mistaken for each other. However, the remixes are the highlight of the EP. With the ‘22’ remix created by US producer Andrew Maury and ‘Into the Blind’ remix created by Philadelphian producer and MC Lushlife, it enables the boys to generate a more varied sound. The original songs and the remixes have such a different sound that if you don’t like one version, you’re probably going to like the other.

For a band that has jumped over some rather high hurdles in the short space of time they have been together, they have managed to create an EP that is fluent and likable. It is an honourable first attempt with definite room for improvement. Having heard them timidly dipped their toes into a small assortment of genres; it is intriguing to think what their music could evolve into with a little more time to hone their sound and a little more musical fearlessness.

review here 


"Avant garde rhythms and classic guitar riffs, very very interesting indeed." - Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio UK


London-based trio, Space Fight, are releasing their self-titled debut on March 14th digitally, via Glasstone Records. The band came together through instant connection and the merging ideas of raw talent and detailed penmanship. Spencer and Billy make up the band, via both being in previous bands and looking for a new avenue and direction. Spencer, who hails from New Jersey in the US, formed an immediate friendship with Billy, from London; things have prevailed musically and lyrically for the both of them.
The self-titled EP is mixed by Greg Booker of Glasstone Records, and the contagious remix of their single, '22', is produced and created by Ra Ra Riot helm, Andrew Maury.
I personally favor the '22 (RAC Maury Mix)' mixed from their original tune '22'; catchy and pop-worthy! I hear strong influences of The Police, Joy Division, and The Beach Boys.

review here


Space Fight also have a March release with their self-titled EP via Glasstone. Good energy on the tracks makes for a good debut album. Hope to hear more from these guys soon. Also they’ve got a RAC remix, not bad at all.

review here


This is the self-titled EP from Space Fight, a band comprised of American; Spencer Miles and Brits; Billy Hawkes and Stephen Barlow.  The group state their influences to be London, New Jersey, women and beer. They appear typical, down to earth and unpretentious, and I find myself liking them before I’ve even hear their music.

Space Fight correctly assert their music to be ‘alternatelectrojazzpunk’. In today’s climate, groups have to demonstrate their diversity in order to gain a loyal following and appeal to a wide audience. With that in mind, it’s good that this EP covers many bases and fits into so many genres. The release consists of six brand new tracks, the first of which is “22”, a catchy and upbeat melody with memorable lyrics; it’s a perfect introduction to the group.

Multiple guitar riffs, experimentation with rhythm and subtle vocal harmonies, give their sound texture and depth. By using only guitars and drums, they keep the overall sound relatively simple and easy to listen to, yet that addictive underlying complexity draws the listener in.

The EP is alternative enough to be unique, whilst maintaining a popular sound, ensuring that Space Fight still appeal to a mainstream audience. They have succeeded where many other modern groups fail, in creating diverse and interesting music, without falling into the all-too-common trap of putting the need to be different ahead of all else.

Overall the EP is lively, with energetic tracks and quirky subject matter. Having only formed last year, the group is obviously dedicated and very proactive in their approach. This is a very promising debut.


Obviously as and when any more reviews come in we'll whack them on here.

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Yes fans, in the midst of recording and releasing our debut EP we have completely forgotten to set up our own website. So here it is. Probably a bit late.

Nevertheless, we implore you to go buy our EP, which dropped yesterday (March 14). Here are some handy links for you to click on and purchase - the choice of MP3 site is totally yours.






There are probably more sites we are doing a disservice to here, but I'm not trawling through the interweb all morning. Buy Buy Buy!!