Thursday, 19 April 2012


That's right kids. We're back in the U.S.S.R (well, the UK) for three weeks in May. When I say we, I mean the PROPER ORIGINAL we. Yes, Tom has given up the idea of being the new Harold Bishop and left Australia, and Spencer has decided Manhattan needs a break from him and his 'antics'. Therefore, both have descended upon London. This means rock.

Dates so far:
4th - 93 Feet East, London
5th - Trinity Bar, Harrow
6th - Colonel Fawcett, Camden Crawl, London
15th - Barfly, London
17th - Proud, London
18th - Jubilee @ Barfly, London

Hopefully there's more to come with EVEN MORE EXCITEMENT in the air too. It's all jolly fun. Come along and hear all the new stuff we've been recording on three different continents for the past year, but LIVE IN YOUR FACES. I can hear thunder outside, its an omen.

Here's a big shiny poster to prove we're not telling lies.
Much love
SF x