Tuesday, 23 April 2013


As if from the bowels of time itself, a blog post from our good selves.

Mainly because I have just realised that it is coming up to a year since SF last graced a stage in the glorious year that was 2012. Well, it was good in London anyway. But also I bring you the STUNNING news that we still haven't finished this fucking album that we started in Bill's bedroom in rainy old England on a cold January evening in 2010, a session in which Spencer was almost blown to kingdom come by a US/UK voltage balls-up.

It is NEARLY finished though. The last track is being, er, tracked, and then there is no more to do until either a) someone stumbles across this blog which is begging you Mr Highandmightyrecordcompanybloke to give us a deal or b) The Coen Brothers use one of our songs ("22", obviously) in their next Oscar winning film. There are plenty more preposterous notions I could come up with but these seemed the most realistic at 2am on a Tuesday morning.

In other SF related news Spen has been moonlighting with his old chums in Thing-One, while Bill and Tom are venturing out into the London gig circuit for the 394,092,605th time with a bass player that is not separated from them by 3500 miles of shitty Atlantic Ocean. Catch their new band HURLOCK at the Water Rats in Kings Cross on May 1st. Which is, incidentally, where SF played their first show to six people. Great days....

The next update will feature AN ALBUM RELEASE DATE. Possibly.
Much love
SF x